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Video Post 67

[The PCD turns on and reveals Madara...climbing up a tree towards a small kitten of some sort.  It's probably safe to assume that the kitten is one of the hell cats that lurk around the Safezone, but Madara doesn't look concerned at all.  He continues to climb up before finally reaching the top where the cat is.]

[He reaches forward and quickly grabs the cat by the nape of its neck.  The little thing flails in his grip, baring its teeth trying to take a chunk out of Madara, but the Uchiha doesn't seem to care.  He just has a pleasant smile on his face as he pats the cat on the head with his free hand before going to climb down the tree.]

[Yes, you all saw it, Madara just saved a kitten.]

Video Post 66

[Madara starts off in the shadows, but it is clear that he is outside in the ocean.  There isn't much to see yet but it's clear that he's got some...extra parts on his body.  He shifts a little once the PDC turns on.]

This certainly is a strange event.  Though it might prove to be rather interesting as the week progresses.

[He slides out into the light and reveals that the entire lower half of his body is now part octopus.  He has long, black tentacles moving all around him in all sorts of directions, as if testing how far each one can go.]

It could have been worse.

Video Post 65

Senju Hashirama has disappeared from this world.  It's a shame really...I wasn't able to kill him myself before he was taken from this world.

[Yup, no comment on the event.  Just disappointment over losing Hashirama and not killing him first.]

Accidental Video Post 64

[The PCD turns on as it is thrown on a desk.  Madara's retreating form can be seen from the camera's angle, but there are a few other things as well.  What seems like a lunar chart is visible slightly from the camera angle, and there seems to be a hand drawn map (he is an Uchiha, after all) of the Inner City.  Several locations are noted on the paper, though what is written on the paper is not legible for the screen.  But it's clear to see that Madara has been researching something and that he's been making notes on the Inner City.]

[The camera sits there for a few minutes, recording nothing, before Madara reappears, a bottle of sake in hand (he's been hording it for some time and has not had any of it since he got it).  He takes a drink straight from the bottle before looking down on his desk.  It only takes him a few seconds to see the blinking red light on the PCD.]


[He doesn't waste any more time before reaching down and shutting the PCD off with a glare.]

Accidental Video Post 63

[It has taken Madara a few days to finally walk into Itachi's old room, seeing what might have been left behind of Itachi's that could have been useful.  He still has not ventured into his brother's former room, but that is a post for a different day.]

[As he enters the room, Madara places his PCD on a table in the room (and from the camera's angle, the table is rather dusty from lack of use) and he moves onto different parts of the room. There doesn't seem to be much that is left over and, after a few minutes, the only thing left to investigate is Itachi's wardrobe.]

[The second he opens it, the whole room becomes covered in darkness and nothing can be seen through it.  The sound of heavy breathing can be heard for a moment before a sort of crazed laugh begins.]

You think this scares me?  You're nothing but a coward...come out and face me! 

[He begins laughing once more and it sounds like he's destroying the wardrobe, since that is where whatever is doing this came from.  His laughter is that of a mad man and, after a few minutes, the darkness begins to fade and when it does, there seems to be something that is rapidly changing shapes, never stopping on one for more than a second, in front of Madara.  Before he can finish it for himself, the thing (seeing no hiding place in sight) cannot escape from the man anymore and sort of just...explodes into smoke.  Madara looks a bit confused, since the creature seemed to die without him doing anything.  Usually he has to do something in order to kill something...]

What the hell was that?

Video Post 62

Interesting week, if I say so myself.  Though it is a shame that it is over.  Being able to kill like this, without having the majority of the city complaining about how immoral it might be, is rather enjoyable.  Perhaps something similar will happen again soon.

And to those who were bitten and turned into one of those creatures, if you have returned or to their "friends", it is your own fault for being so weak to get attacked and marked like that.  Though it was enjoyable to see the beasts getting put down in such...creative ways.

Voice Post 61

[This song plays in the background of the post.  Madara doesn't seem to care that it's there.]

Uchiha Izuna has disappeared once again from this world.

Video Post 60

I am curious as to why the Animus have decided to give us the week free of any sort of event.  Perhaps it is simply the calm before the storm...they have given us a two week break from events in the past.  I do wonder what they'll have in store for us next.

I hope the next event will be as exciting as the last, though perhaps this time I will be able to participate in the fun.  I'm sure we could have some fun together...Hitsugaya.  You seemed to be enjoying yourself quite a bit during the event.  And you know that I just hate to miss out on all of the excitement.

[Oh yeah, he just did that.  And yeah, he knows he's a dick.]

Video Post 59

[Good afternoon Adstringendum.  Madara's just chilling outside of the Akatsuki headquarters, looking like he just got back from exploring the jungle.  He's a bit bloody and it looks like he's caught something while looking around...]

[Hope you're all ready to see a large dead wild boar being tossed into the view of the camera.  He lets it focus for a moment before turning the camera to him with a smirk.]

Izuna, Vincent, I think I've caught us dinner for the next few days.  It will take me a little while to prepare it, but it should be ready for later tonight.

[Yes, he's totally enjoying this event.  This shit is awesome and he's going to go find something even better than this later and kill it.  Killing is an awesome hobby.]

If either of you wish to assist in gutting the boar, I'll be out back. 

[And with that, he tosses the PCD to the side and leans his battle fan against the building.  Once that's out of the way, the camera still shows, Madara pulls out a long knife and turns the boar onto it's back and then...starts carving into it.  He begins to dig organs out as the camera times out.]

[Hope none of you were eating~]


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